Ferreta software tool for data scientists

The creation of Ferret aimed at revolutionizing the extraction of data from the web. This project was initiated with the purpose of elevation Ferret's branding through a comprehensive revamp of its landing page and the creation of a new, impactful logo. The ultimate goal was to attract a wider user base and firmly establish Ferret as a leader in its field.


Ferret's landing page and logo revamp faced challenges of balancing creativity and practicality, communicating the value proposition, maintaining consistency with existing branding, and stakeholder collaboration. These challenges were overcome through a collaborative design process resulting in a website and logo that reflected Ferret's mission and values.


I asked my client to fill out the briefing form and express more information about Ferret.

Research & Competitor analysis

I asked the client to provide me with examples of their competitors along with design likes and dislikes. After that I have done my own research to gain a deep understanding of Ferret's target audience and their needs. This research informed the creation of a design brief that served as the foundation for the landing page redesign and logo creation.

The logo creation process involved exploring multiple design concepts that best embodied Ferret's mission and values. I presented several options to the stakeholders, who provided feedback and suggestions. After several rounds of refinement, I arrived at the final design that was a perfect representation of Ferret's brand.

Wireframes and Prototypes

After research and collecting all the information I started the wire-framing process. The prototyping stage consisted of two steps: low-fidelity prototyping and high-fidelity prototyping. At the same time, I tried out different typographies and color palettes in order to determine what would be the most suitable for the project.

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