LedScreena service for speedy uploading of commercials onto city screens

The goal of the project was to create a service that simplifies the process of displaying and uploading commercials on LED screens for advertisers and helps LED screen owners find customers. The service aims to save the time for advertisers by eliminating the need to travel to rental agencies amd also gives more freedom to choose the time and place of their ad broadcasts. For LED screen owners, the service aims to provide a steady stream of clients, reducing the need to search for customers and saving time and money.


The process of creating such a service can be complex, and there were several design challenges that I have faced. One of the most critical considerations was providing an excellent user experience for both advertisers and LED panel owners. The service’s interface should be user-friendly, even for people with limited technical expertise. Another challenge was ensuring the service is responsive, meaning it must work smoothly on a wide range of devices. The service may need to integrate with third-party services, such as payment processors or data analytics tools. The design must take into account the requirements of these services and ensure that the integration is seamless and does not disrupt the user experience.

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